Conversations with God

Be a light unto the darkness


Neale Donald Walsch

In Times of turmoil

5 & 6 DECEMBER 2020


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Conversations with God - Be a Light unto the darkness

In times of turmoil, a special LIVE ONLINE EVENT, 12 HOURS INTERACTIVE retreat with Neale Donald Walsch.

■ 5 & 6 December 2020, GMT – UTC hours: 15.00 – 21.00

■ EXCLUSIVE LIVE exploring Neale’s brand new book – “The God Solution” out in US –  December 1st, 2020! 

Everywhere throughout the world people are now asking, in the face of the virus, the economic crisis, the racial protests…..”Where is GOD in all of this?! What’s the use of HAVING a God if this is the best that life can bring us on this earth?” That question is answered in “THE GOD SOLUTION”, the new book from Neale.

In a striking presentation of enormous relevance in this day and time, Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch takes his audience on a deep exploration of what he describes as Life’s Greatest Mystery and Humanity’s Greatest Challenge: Is there a Supreme Being? If there is, what, if anything, does that have to do with our daily lives?

And which God should we believe in—the God in our heart, or the God we’ve been told about? Does any faith or tradition have it right?

Also explored: The one aspect of Divinity that most of humanity simply cannot, or will not, believe—but that could change everything.

Solving the Biggest Problem in the World Today

What is needed now is for humanity to agree on the most important topic in human history. The biggest problem in the world today is that no one in a position of power and influence seems to know what the biggest problem in the world today is. The outfall of the problem is evidenced everywhere, but the cause of it is treated as a mystery. The outfall is, in a word: alienation, which we are seeing all over the world–between individuals, between races and nationalities, between genders and persons of differing sexual orientations, between political parties, between the governments of nations, and even between religions.

In this presentation, with understandings lifted for the pages of his Conversations with God series of books, Neale Donald Walsch offers a one-word solution which, if each of us embraced it, could eliminate conflict (not differences, but conflict) virtually overnight.!t